Part Enviroment Simulator - Small Revamp [REPOST]


Hey! Recently, I posted about a game that I made, as some people know about it, and what is it about. You can check down here the recent post. If you didn’t check it.

What did you add into the revamp?

I did bug fixes, some small additions to the UIs.
Improved a bit the UI Design, but might not be as good as it were.

Does it still have bugs?

Not as much but is now fresh to play, and dont forget to reply if you have found a bug/error.

Whats going to launch in later?
Funny Points are going to launch in the next version (v0.0.4). The last map has a little problem, you can actually jump off the map, but I’ll add a transparent barrier since it doesn’t have more of the map 4.

What things that you made were left out?

Once at a day, While I was still working at Map 1, I was trying to add private Multiplayer Servers, Basically you create a code that you can give to your friends to enter to your private made server, In game. But that got a little error in the HTTPs, and was left out.

  • Heres the game link by the way!

[Also I reposted, because I found some little unexpected bugs. So here it is again!]