Part keeps moving

Hey there, so I tried getting a video of the issue, but as all things it stopped happening when I tried to record it. So I’m just going to do my best to explain it. My issue is that sometimes when I move a part and let go, it keeps moving. It’s a slow speed, but just keeps going. Anyone know why or know a fix?

Is this in studio, not during a play test?

Yeah, this is moving parts with the move tool in studio. Not while using the run/test option.

I imagine this is more client-side than anything. Three things I would try doing are closing and starting up the studio, trying to recreate this on a new baseplate, and checking to make sure your mouse isn’t the issue (in that order).


Tried the first two. I’ll check my mouse, if not, it’s probably cause my computer is garbage.

Wait but what if someone is also on your account? Creepy

Can’t be in the same game at the same time with the same account on different devices.