Part making the player respawn above it

Doubt. I have a part in my lobby giving forcefield for the players, and the height of that part is above a tree. (+/-) like y= 205. When the player dies, it respawn above that part and falls to the ground. I don’t want that to happen. I want him to respawn in the ground (above the spawnpoint near the ground). What can I do? Why this happen?

The part is canCollide = false and transparency = 1

that part is like a safe area

hm I don’t get it
if the ground is y - 1 and the part is y-205 then what does

above the spawnpoint near the ground


You could just simply move the Character’s HumanoidRootPart Position/CFrame to be where you want them to spawn on

Character.HumanoidRootPart.Position = workspace.SpawnPart.Position +, 3, 0)

spawn is at y 0 and the height of the part is y 205

like a big safe area.
when the player dies, it respawn above this part

you can do something like this:

      local offset =,15,0) --change it to whatever offset you want
      character.HumanoidRootPart.Position = workspace.SpawnPart.Position + offset

@Jackscarlett oh right I forgot :slight_smile:

Thing is, that’d only fire when the Humanoid dies so it would teleport their HumanoidRootPart BasePart by itself

You don’t need to reference the Humanoid.Died event, if you remove that then it should be fine