Part not tweening to where I want it to go

I am trying to fire a projectile from the character’s tool. I tried using TweenService to fire it from the tool to where the projectile is facing when it’s spawned, but it doesn’t work. It only works if I make the range a really big number.

local tween = ts:Create(
	{Position = proj.CFrame.LookVector * range}

The projectile is definitely looking towards the correct direction but it doesn’t tween towards it and I am not sure why

Don’t use tween for projectiles. use

while true do,


while true do
      projectile.CFrame = CFrame.lookAt(projectile.Position - direction) * 2 -- fire rate

I am not able to create a full on projectile for u.

Your end position does not take into account the original position of the projectile.

Try something like this:

Position = proj.CFrame:ToWorldSpace( * range)).p
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{Position = proj.Position + proj.CFrame.LookVector * range}