Part physical visibilities

What is the issue? - I go onto a part and try to find the colour section. It has completely disappeared along with other visual effects you can add to a part (e.g. transparency, materials, etc…)

I have searched this up and have found it difficult to find a solution to this. I have tried to be concise as possible and explaining in detail of my issue I am experiencing. I have also restarted roblox studio with again no luck. I have found a way around this by using the top tab to colour and use materials for my part, but the other options like setting the transparency I cannot do.

If anyone can help with this issue I would be very glad to explain my issue further with questions I will try to answer to help. FYI: My timezone is in England so I may not be able to reply until tomorrow at 5pm after school

You didn’t happen to minimize that particular list by clicking on the arrow (V or >) next to Appearance?
Just like the Position or Orientation > arrows that break up (x,y,z) to x, y and z inputs.

Alright I will check, thank you

Yep, I am dumb, thanks man lol

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