Part Positions - Help

Basically, I started a build, and I used increments of multiples of 0.1 for all building purposes. However, at some point, the position values mess up. They become, for example, 4.001, or 3.999. Whenever I go to set the value back to 4, it autocorrects back to its original value of 4.001. I am wondering if there is some setting or something I am doing in wrong in studio.

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There’s a few possibilities, but my gut instinct is to say that it’s a floating point error.

Basically, Studio misunderstands a part’s position. The main thing you can do is place the part down again. Insanely annoying.

If your on a wedge, that explains it. But, if not, then it’s probably a bug.

Make sure the part is anchored.
I have seen parts offset because they were unanchored in the past.

Thank you guys! The solution was a combination of both ArcticGamerTV’s solution and rickje139 solution.