Part properties did not change after i reset the NumberValue?

-- A code for an example.
        local Speed = script.Parent.Speed -- Referring to a NumberValue object.
        local function SetConveyorSpeed(x,y,z)
                script.Parent.Velocity =,y,z)


        Speed.Changed:Connect(function() -- After changed through other script

The script seems fine to me, no error was produced. But once i change the NumberValue through other script. The part properties did not change.

Any idea what happening here?

Are you clicking on the Part in the Explorer window, then checking Properties while the script is running?
I know that items like HingeConstraints don’t update things like the displayed CurrentAngle when they have moved, but if you click to another Part then back it will update the value at that moment.

Yes. i do actually. I do that after the unknown error because the properties did not change. NumberValue did change, however the properties which was linked to the value did not change.

Do you have any idea?

Are you sure the other script is changing the value properly?

Yes. Im realy certain when the other script change the value. The value is successfully changed, even an information is printed.

Here’s the ‘other’ script :

if BrickPoints.Value >= Cost.Value then
			print("Successfully bought") -- This code being printed is the proof that the code worked
			game.Workspace.TycoonSet.Mechanism.Conveyor.Speed.Value = 7.5 -- When i check on explorer while the game is running. This value did change, however the properties did not.
			print("Not enough currency")