Part spawning not working

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Part that randomly spawn on another part

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There’s an error happening when the script is run. CFrame expected, got vector3

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I tried searching but still don’t know

local Bananas = game.ReplicatedStorage.Bananas
local Positon = script.Parent.Position

while wait(math.random(1,10)) do
	local Already = script.Parent:FindFirstChild("Bananas")
	if Already == nil then
		local Clone = Bananas:Clone()
		Clone.CFrame = +,0.5,0))
		Clone.Parent = script.Parent
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Whenever you get an error, it helps us quite a bit of you can show the full stack trace and comment the line with the error. In this case though, it’s pretty clear what the issue is. Change the line with the error to this

Clone.CFrame = +,0.5,0))
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