Part that only kills npcs

I’ve been working on my game nonstop lately and 1 thing i just can’t seem to get the hang of is making a part that can only kill npc but not players. Any help would be appreciated and if someone has time i could pay them to make it for me.

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This should be in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support.

To answer your question, game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter() will return false if you try to put an argument about the NPC’s model, because NPCs are not actual players. Use that as your advantage for your if statement.

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It not return false, it return nil if player does not exists


Yes, the person above this comment is also correct. Nil value is also a false value, use it in an if statement as your advantage.


Change Humanoid name then script : if zombie.CustomHumanoidName == nil then …

This code when placed inside a Script in Part

local killNPC = script.Parent

	local player = game:GetService("Players"):GetPlayerFromCharacter(hit.Parent)
	if player == nil then		
	local humanoid = hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")	
		if humanoid then
		humanoid.Health	= 0	
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Very important distinction here that it’s falsy but not false. Nil and false are two distinct types, however both are considered “falsy”. For example if you have a conditional, both of those values will fail if you don’t explicitly check for a certain kind of value.

local something = nil

if something then -- Passes if something isn't false or nil
if something ~= nil then -- Passes even if it's false
if something ~= false then -- Passes if it's true or nil