Part to terrain plugin question

Hello, I am trying to build a tunnel made of terrain and was wondering the best approach. Should I do it manually or is the best course of action is to use plugins. what are the differences between these two plugins?

Is it even worth the price tag?


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I can add my two cents… i dont use this plugin, but for me to make a tunnel out of terrain would take a few seconds. I guess it depends on exactly what you are trying to achieve, because we don’t know your capabilities and the detail of what you want made.

I would tell someone to build the tunnel first using roblox terrain editor, its super simple to do it… like absurdly simple. If however, you need that tunnel to be super smooth in the inside, like its manmade, then the first plugin should work fine.


I would consider Part to Terrain an essential plug-in. Try it. The free one should be fine. I’m not sure what the Dev one is even for. Maybe he put that out so ppl could donate to his efforts, idk. Seems odd.

You can make tunnels without it. Or you can use parts to replace with air if you want a really regular shaped tunnel.

Roblox at one point added a part to terrain to default Studio, but later removed it(I wish they didn’t)

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