Part vs texture/decal

Wanted to ask a really quick question here.

For context, this is in relation to a road, with stripes and such.

If I were to use parts for stripes on a road with CanCollide set to False, along with CastShadow, also set to false, would it offer the same performance as a part (or mesh) with a single texture, also with CastShadow and CanCollide set to false? The texture in question would simply be a white texture, no detail. I’ve seen larger games use textures for road striping, and I figure there’s a reason for that, so why not ask it here. My end goal here (through this topic, my previous topic, and my future topics) is to find the best possible ways to optimize our games. Thank you for reading.

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Decals/textures are probably (though by how much will vary) be slightly better. However in my experience, using decals or Parts for road lines isn’t a performance optimization choice, it’s typically a choice made with the team’s skill set: Parts are easier to place down and edit later. Decals/textures take a bit more work unless you have the skill set to know what you’re doing :slightly_smiling_face: