Part water streams out with StreamingEnabled

I’ve been working on an open world game for the last year, and while everything has been going swimmingly especially after the StreamingEnabled opportunistic setting, I’ve recently started working on a more visually appealing part-built water to replace the old version. One issue though…

Since my game is set in a state with 3 cities, currently as you can see, the water is white. This is because the water gets streamed out due to the player being far from the model, but the water’s foam (a transparent white part) is centered to the camera with a script.

Here is how it would look if it the water did not get streamed out (intended look):

The earlier version of the water had all the water parts centered around the camera, but the new additional effects need to not be centered, otherwise it would look odd due to them moving along with the player’s camera.

The water model itself, containing all 4 parts, is 2048x2048 studs large. I’ve attempted fixing this by making invisible parts that make the model’s size larger to make StreamingEnabled be less sensitive, but that doesn’t fix the issue. Is there anything I could do to fix this or am I eternally damned by Roblox’s lack of a “StreamingDisabled” feature for models?

I’ve been told that :RequestStreamAroundAsync could help, but I don’t know how I could use it due to the fact that I don’t know how to script. This is extremely frustrating. Can anyone please offer a solution??

EDIT: I’ve fixed the issue by getting a basic script to clone the part water from ReplicatedStorage to the Workspace.