Partcle emitters limits

I have been using the partcle emitter alot recently and have come to the realisation that this particle emmiter has limits,but i may be wrong and have not studyed the partcle emmiter enough,
I have tryed doing some things but couldnt get them to work
Is it possible to have trailes on each particle?
Is it possible to simulate phisycs on each particle?
Is it possible to slowly blend from one texture to another?
Is there a limit to the rate property or the speed property?

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Both of these are sadly a no. If you think from a technical perspective, having such detail and calculations being done on single particles (which there may be thousands) is a recipe for disaster. Particles are supposed to be an extra addition to spice up your game, not to be the entry of it.

Not currently, but this can happen in the future with a feature request and their plans. This does seem possible unlike the previous two.

Despite the slider going up to only 100, the rate property is technically endless, but obviously, the lag takes over way before that. A 1000 rate is possible and does affect the results. As per speed, there has to be some sort of limit, but what I know for sure is it comes to a point where speeds get ridiculous. A million studs per second is not necessary as no one’s going to notice it Zoom by. After all, particles should be around objects to emphasize them or just decorate them. If a particle is too far away from you, it won’t render so there’s no point in creating clouds out of particle emitters, for example.

Thanks for the reply