Particle not showing to other players

I have a localscript , in starterpack, it basically makes a dust particle that is in my character turn on when i land on the ground from a specific height .

The issue is that only i can see my own particle , i can’t see other players particle nor can they see mine.

I have tried changing the script to a normal script and changing location , i have tried editing the way the script finds the character, non so far worked.

The script

Have you got any errors?

The issue is that your game has Filtering Enabled turned on (AKA it’s not Experimental Mode). This means any changes made on your client (your PC) won’t affect the game’s main server (and therefore other players).

To fix this, you’d want to send particle creation requests to the server using RemoteEvents or RemoteFunctions. You could also prevent exploits by doing a check on the server when it receives requests from players.

See these wiki articles for more info: