Particle part collision color

Is there any way to make it so that whenever an object touches another object, it releases a particle with the same color of the touched object using script?

for example, a part I made a part will collide to a brown part, how do I make it so that the particle color’s released will also be brown?

Below are the examples:
particle Example

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Get the color3/brickcolor value of the “touched” part and change the emitter color to the same value.

Emitter’s use a ColorSequence | Roblox Creator Documentation though.

do you have an example so I can grasp it better?

What do you mean by if another object touches an object do you mean a player touching the part or a part touching each other? :thinking:

Sorry for the late reply, I meant like if another part/projectile touches another part.

have you tried working with a touch function? so if another part or if a player touches it then it turns on the particle

Yep I already have finished that, I just need to make it so whenever that part touches a specific part color(eg: red,blue,green etc.) the particle color will also turn to the part color it touched

Similar to @Emskipo reply, you would need to change the particle’s color property with the Touched Event’s TouchedPart/otherPart parameter and use the part’s color property.

Though the particle effect will need to convert the part’s color to a Color Sequence

ParticleEffect.Color =

Thanks for this! this should work now.