BillboardGui has it
SurfaceGui has it
I need AlwaysOnTop for ParticleEmitter now
My use-case is this (camera-aligned particles. the closest I can move the particle is 0.5 away from the camera, and it the particles get clipped if they’re “within” a brick)




As a roblox developer, it is currently impossible to create high detailed screen effects to make your game feel more alive.

With this in mind, I’d like to propose a property to the ParticleEmitter object called AlwaysOnTop, similar to the BillboardGui and SurfaceGui properties, where particles would be rendered on top of the game world rather than at the same time.

This gives me, as a developer, more freedom to create detailed on screen effects without super intricate GUI scripting.

An example where this would be useful, is my ActiveVignette module that allows particles to follow the camera. The problem is, if I get to close to a wall, or have a gun in my hand in first person the particles phase to the other side of the wall or behind the weapon. Here is a video of that module in use:

Thank you for reading!


I support this feature request.

Use case,

I my game I’d like to create an ESP effect that creates a lingering trail of Particle Effects that can be seen though walls, this is currently not possible with the current tools we have in Studio


Support! I am trying to make a comic book explosion effect, but even if I change ZOffset, the wall clip keeps obscuring the comic-y “Kaboom” text.


(btw this is how it looks like at its best cuz i wanna show off lol):

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yes pls roblox. this would be AMAZING!