ParticleEmitters in ViewportFrames


Hello, Developers.

I made a pet opening system which uses ViewportFrames but I’ve noticed that if the pets have ParticleEmitters, the ParticleEmitters don’t show. Is there a way to fix this?



Particle emitters do not render in viewport frames. There is no built-in way to fix or change this behavior.


Is there a reason for this behaviour?


Think of it this way, a viewport frame is like another workspace inside of a player’s gui, giving a viewport frame the ability to render anything that the workspace can render would result in a major performance drop on some low end devices. Viewport frames are still in it’s early stages, you never know, this behavior might change.


Couldn’t you use spritesheets as a gif for the particles?


I’m assuming it wouldn’t have the same visual effect that OP’s looking for, plus it involves more code work and such for a makeshift particle system over using the objects that Roblox themselves provides.