Particles and trails having trouble activating... but only in this game!

Hello, i am posting this on behalf of my friend (@w1ng_pikmin)

In his game, there is a toggleable button that makes a part glow and it activates any trails or particles inside of the gear.
The script has worked perfectly fine, up until yesterday when he published the game again (DURING THE TIME ROBLOX WAS DOWN). After that update, the script hasn’t worked.

He tried reverting it to a version before the update to see if it would fix it. But the script still didn’t work!! Keep in mind that this reverted version had the script working before yesterday!

Has anyone else had this issue? What made it work again?

TL;DR = Roblox broke trails in my friend’s game and we cant fix it no matter what we try.

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What is the script used to do this? Are you getting any errors? I don’t think this is something caused by some Roblox update, perhaps you accidentaly changed something?

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He did not change anything. We even reverted to a version that works. There are no errors whatsoever.

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UPDATE! He has quite literally transferred THE CURRENT VERSION OF THE GAME to a different place, and it works!! but he wants to use the original place (( which doesn’t work! )) because it would be hard to migrate everything to a secondary place.

Afterward, he published the working game into the non working one, and it broke again, without us even touching either broken or unbroken games!*

Does anyone have a solution?

Try to scan all your plugins, I know this sounds a bit crazy but some trusted plugins were hijacked recently and had malicious scripts. If your problem started around 3-4 weeks ago, then this is most likely the main cause.

it started yesterday, and it works in a separate place

Ah, I see. Roblox services have been acting quite strange since yesterday, including badges and DevProducts. I’m looking for the answer to the devproduct problem as of now and will tell you as soon as possible