[Partnership - 33-40%] Dawn of Aurora - Looking to partner with a Scripter (Existing Game)

Hello! I’m SHADOWTHEHEDGEHOGXX, I’ve been developing on the Roblox platform for 12+ years!
Our development team at The First Encounter Assault Recon has been working 2+ years on our most ambitious project yet - Dawn of Aurora. We’re looking for a well-rounded programmer to partner with, to help us continue the development of this project.

About Dawn of Aurora

Dawn of Aurora is an open-world RPG that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Explore a vast world with three unique regions, where you take on challenging quests to unlock exclusive rewards. Battle in the wasteland and survive hordes of mutants, with various difficulty levels, or make your way to the border to become a Citizen of Aurora and complete arcade-like jobs. Be a F.E.A.R. soldier and defend the border and city of Aurora from crime or be a part of the Resistance and commit crime, robberies, and much more!

What we’ll offer

  • 33 - 40% of the game earnings

  • Stress-free work environment.

  • Flexible schedule, set your own work hours.

  • Be a part of a large and growing community with over 444,000+ members!

  • Work on a game with two years of development and a strong foundation with most of its core systems built.

  • Our team will supply everything you need from; game-plans, assets, world-environments, interface, and more so you can focus solely on your role.

What we’re looking for

An experienced programmer who we can partner with who has a strong work ethic and passion for game development and wants to push the limits of the Roblox Platform. Must be capable of working with an existing codebase and can seamlessly merge their own code with our current game structure.

Critical Essentials

  • Multifaceted to work on core gameplay systems; Weapons, Vehicles, AI, Interface, and more.

  • Ability to work with an existing codebase and implement new systems and features on top of what’s existing.

  • Strong Knowledge of Lua Language and Roblox API.

  • Must know how to work in a large, modular codebase, and how to write effective OOP code.

  • Must be 18 years of age or older

Nice to have

  • Experience coding a game to completion.

  • Decent portfolio size to showcase your skillset.

  • Experience working in a collaborative work environment.

  • Experience coding for multi-platform (Mobile, Xbox)


:warning:Before applying, I highly suggest you play Dawn of Aurora and experience it for yourself! See if you’re interested in the kind of game we’re developing, ensure you have the skillset to work on our existing systems. Before applying! Our vision is big for Dawn of Aurora, and we hope to partner with a programmer who Meets eye to eye with our vision. If you think big and enjoy creating innovative experiences, We want you!

Are you interested in being apart of our team? DM @SHADOWTHEHEDGEHOGXX for more info so we can get started! Please include in your DM your portfolio or links to any current or previous projects you developed. I would love to check them out!

:+1:Thanks for taking the time to read our Dawn of Aurora application!

Take a quick look at some screenshots and gameplay footage!

Game Screenshots

Gameplay Footage

Dawn of Aurora - Vehicle Gameplay - YouTube
Dawn of Aurora - Mutant Combat Gameplay - YouTube
Dawn of Aurora - Downtown Combat - YouTube
Dawn of Aurora - Driving to the Border Wall - YouTube
Dawn of Aurora - Border Crossing - YouTube

Flamingo made a video on Dawn of Aurora with nearly 4 million views

The Team

Game Designer - Social Media

Game Designer - Building - 3D Modeling - User Interface

3D Modeling (Assets)


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