Parts deleting themselves of the client?

So for some weird reason all the parts on the client are being deleted.



I have no idea what could be causing this… Is it replication or something? Please let me know.


Is the game StreamingEnabled? StreamingEnabled could do something like this


It could be that they are unanchored and also have CanCollide disabled?

However they should still fall on the server if that is the case.

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It’s more than likely that they’re falling out of the world somehow. If you’ve messed with the custom part removal height then it could be that they get destroyed instantly. Move your parts up higher, make sure they don’t have a negative Y value or one below the falling part removal height displayed in the Workspace properties.

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Yes it is. The bases are super-far away from the player. All streaming enabled does is remove parts far away from the player right?

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StreamingEnabled will remove as many part as necessary for the device to run it smoothly. In theory this means even the house right next to you might not load. Using StreamingEnabled, you have to assume that there’s a possibility that nothing exists.

Also, with StreamingEnabled, the game starts with nothing loading in, then over time loads more and more in around the Player’s ReplicationFocus (read more here). This will vary from player to player, from device to device.