Parts in Collisiongroups that don't collide with Default cannot be selected via click

As my rather verbose title says, if a part is in a collision group of which does not collide with Default, it can’t be selected with a click; however, it can still be selected using a selection box as shown:

Repro steps:

  1. Have a collision group ‘X’ that doesn’t collide with Default ready.
  2. Assign a part to collision group ‘X’. That should be it.

Repro place:
SelectionDemo.rbxl (14.8 KB)

I feel like if they moved this functionality out of Default and into some special group this could be a really useful Studio feature for builders. But yes, can confirm this happens on my installation too.

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Im surprised this post didn’t get any attention as this is annoying when you want to set collision groups in the studio before even running the game.

but if I may offer some advise, I got around this problem by scripting the collision groups instead:

in this article I found out how to do this only when the game runs. you will of course have to do a few things:
1: you will have to set the default group as well as any new groups.
2: loop through areas with parts you want changed and set their collision group.
3: you will have to use characteradded in order to make sure any new characters added in the game are set to the default group.

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