Parts keep welding automatically to terrain/parts when moving or creating

I have noticed that everytime i insert a new part, it automatically gets welded to the surface touching it.

This is very annoying as i have to constantly delete the welds manually whenever i want to work with physics, but everytime i make a change, the weld reappears.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Insert a part while looking at terrain or any part.
  2. Check the part its children

Other steps to reproduce:

  1. Move any part so that it touches a surface from a different part
  2. Check the children.

Do you have Join Surfaces on? I can only repro this when I have it turned on.

You should also check if there are any plugins doing this.
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Oh… Eh, i did not know that existed… How do i delete a post lol.

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this should help

Perhaps rephrase the post to this property coming on randomly? I personally have experienced many instances where this property can randomly being enabled when coming onto studio, even if this is intentional behaviour its obviously confusing from a user’s perspective and could still warrant a modified bug report.

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File a new bug report if you have a different issue.