Parts not cloning to the right spot

So Ive got sort of a armor system and its only used clothes until now when I wanted to add a cloak and this is what happened

I have no idea how to fix this here is the code

	elseif player.Data.Armor.Value == "BadBleach" then
		local RStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
		folder = RStorage.Armor.BadBleach
		local BFolder = RStorage.Armor.BadBleach
		character.Pants.PantsTemplate = folder.Pants.PantsTemplate
		character.Shirt.ShirtTemplate = folder.Shirt.ShirtTemplate
		local BeltC = BFolder.BeltCloak
		local LACloak = BFolder.LeftArmCloak
		local RACloak = BFolder.RightArmCloak
		local LLC = BFolder.LeftLegCloak
		local RLC = BFolder.RightLegCloak
		local TC = BFolder.TorsoCloak
		local BC = BeltC:Clone()
		local LAC = LACloak:Clone()
		local RAC = RACloak:Clone()
		local LC = LLC:Clone()
		local RC = RLC:Clone()
		local T = TC:Clone()
		BC.Parent = character.Torso
		BC.WeldConstraint.Part1 = character.Torso
		LAC.Parent = character["Left Arm"]
		LAC.WeldConstraint.Part1 = character["Left Arm"]
		RAC.Parent  =character["Right Arm"]
		RAC.WeldConstraint.Part1 = character["Right Arm"]		
		LC.Parent = character["Left Leg"]
		LC.WeldConstraint.Part1 = character["Left Leg"]
		RC.Parent = character["Right Leg"]
		RC.WeldConstraint.Part1 = character["Right Leg"]
		T.Parent = character.Torso
		T.WeldConstraint.Part1 = character.Torso

Sorry for it being messy

It looks like the cloaks are hovering away from the character, so I’m assuming that’s the problem.

When you clone items into the Workspace, they keep their old properties, including where they are. You need to reposition the parts you clone before welding them to your character to make them look right. It looks like each of these cloaks is about the size of the relevant body part, so you can just move them over the body parts, then weld them.

I’m not going to do the whole thing, but it would look something like:

        BC.Parent = character.Torso
        BC.CFrame = character.Torso.CFrame --This is the line you need
        BC.WeldConstraint.Part1 = character.Torso
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