Parts of model moving uncontrollably when using CFrame and welded together


I have a model and seven parts welded together. I am trying to make all the parts (which connect together to form a wall) stay in front of the player the whole time. All parts are unanchored. (Otherwise, only the primary part which I am actually moving stays in front of the player. Script in ‘Placing script’ below (even when I disable all other scripts, still doesn’t work):

local clone = script.Parent
local character = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Character
local wooddoor = Tool.WoodDoor

while true do


	local offset =,0,-5)	
clone.WoodDoor.PartMain.CFrame = character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame* 

However, the pieces do stay connected together, but they start vibrating, and it gets worse as the character moves. Also, when the character jumps up, it gets pushed back.
Also, I would post a video if I could but it says there’s an error when I try to upload it.

Do they need to be unanchored? Sounds simpler to anchor them all, remove the welds and call :SetPrimaryPartCFrame() on the model to move it all at once. (set WoodDoor.PartMain as WoodDoor’s PrimaryPart)

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