Parts shifting in team create

Is this normal? Is there a way to fix this? every single part in my airport has shifted and rotated odd ways, im 100% sure this is not a plugin, as ive tested and after reloading a place a couple of times this occurs.

Basic question, but are they Anchored?

Yes, and it seems to have affected meshes only.

It looks like your door frames have moved too. Are those simple Parts Meshes too?

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yeah, pretty much my whole airport is made from meshes lol. Untill roblox accepts my bug report, i guess its just gonna be me moving every mesh and making sure its all in the right place, lol okkkk

This is very odd. Some meshes have shifted like a stud, whereas there are otehrs which have not. Could this be a case of a older roblox mesh format erroring? or somethign idk lol okkkk

Sorry, this might be a dumb question. I’m new to most things in roblox studio, what is the difference from a mesh to a model?

Models are grouped objects usually consisting of Parts, Wedges, Meshes, and other Studio objects to make up an item. For example a house or boat. You make a model by selecting a bunch of items in Studio and clicking the Model tab at the top of the screen and clicking the Group tool.
A Mesh is one of two things:

  • A Part that contains a Mesh like a Roblox hat or CylinderMesh where if the Part it’s in is set to CanCollide on the object will interact as the shape of that Part. You can change the Mesh Scale and Offset so it appears in as a different size or in a different spot than the Part as well.
  • An imported Mesh object, made with an outside 3D program like Blender, like an entire car body. This Mesh can have a Collision box set to Box, Hull, Default or PreciseConvexDecomposition. It’s much more efficient for gameplay than thousands of Parts.
    Both types of Mesh can have a Texture applied to them to make them even more detailed.

I do not believe that this is a problem/bug. Probably you accidentally clicked the model/part and moved it without even realizing it. This happened to me as well.

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100% has to be a bug, every single thing shifted up or down. I have disabled team create for now.

Why am i so sure, because 1 each part that shifted, either shifted up or down, or rotated slightly, two, everything shifted and three, some stuff shifted which i could not have possibly touched (mountains far away) so yeah lol okkkk

Ah, I see now. Thank you for your response.


Have you used the Command Bar CFraming command at all?
I have had a bunch of stuff selected in the Explorer window and used the Command Bar to try to CFrame one part, only to realize I’d done it to all those parts.