Parts under constraints refuse to move with the rest of the model

For some reason, whenever I try to clone, move or interact with my constraint based vehicle at all, cylinders remain behind and refuse to move with the rest of the model.

This is a very big problem for me as I was planning on cloning these vehicles with the help of scripts in my game, and this weird behavior would break all of my vehicle’s doors.


I have attempted to move it with and without constraints / welds on, to select everything with my mouse, select the parent model… the only thing that works is specifically targetting each and every single one of these parts.

I also cannot use the physical draggers, as most of my body is by default anchored and uses qPerfectionWeld for welding. To note that the doors are in a separate folder from these.


Any help?

My hunch for some reason is that the cylinders have become your root part of the assembly. Without seeing the assembly structure, its hard to tell… you can show the assembly tree by:

To enable this visualization, go to FileStudio SettingsPhysics and toggle on Are Assemblies Shown .

More on the assemblies and root part are explained here:

But I do know when I try to move constrained vehicles from the wrong part, the constraint breaks, not that the part stays still like in your case, but maybe it is somehow locked? Have you tried to see if those cylinder parts are ticked “locked”?

Also try this, it might help resolve the movement:

When you move Unanchored Parts with Weld Constraints you’ll see that the green welds (active) stay green.
When you do it with Anchored Parts the weld is turning grey, which shows the weld is inactive and won’t move.

Sometimes I’ve had this happen with Plugin building tools, which Anchor the attached Parts and will move entire assemblies when you try to move/rotate 1 Part.

Are you selecting the ‘Vehicle’ Model, or the individual cars