Parts wait before moving

I am trying to make projectiles that move between two points. When I create a projectile, I set its Velocity and its CFrame before I move the part into workspace. The expectation is the particle begins moving on the first frame that it is in the workspace, but it doesn’t – it pauses, and that creates issues because the time it takes to reach the target is longer than expected, so the parts are being deleted earlier before they reach the target:

I’ve attemtped keeping a pool of pre-created parts that are unanchored in workspace and setting their properties when it’s time to fire, but there is no change in behavior.

What can I do to make the parts move immediately?

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Are the parts network owner the server? This seems to be an issue with sleeping physics which could be caused by multiple variables. A (temporary) solution could be to try to handle the ball-physics display client side, as this should avoid sleeping physics associated with network ownership radius.

EDIT: Setting network ownership to the server will not solve this issue. Handling the part entirely client side seems to be the best fix for sleeping physics. I would just have a server-hitbox version and a client-visible version.

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what youll maybe want to consider is having the server portion of the projectiles be invisible, and replicate that projectile with the same behaviour onto the client, that way you can have smooth things(and it shouldnt cause issues)

Did you accomplish this? I too am having some physics sleeping issues as well.

Not sure how your transferring client data to server if each player could be hitting the ball at the same time. How do you calculate that?

I’m very familiar with remote events and functions, but I don’t understand your concept.