Parts will not fit correctly

I cannot fit parts the way I want. This is a new studio install and I have not touched anything. How can I get it back to the original way?

I do not want a plugin I want it how it was. Can anyone help at all?

This is another PC with Windows 11, my main system’s hard disk failed. There was a minor solution to use the corner, but doing that everytime is really a bother when I used to be able to grab any side and have it fit perfectly just the way I wanted it.

Edit: Scaling and moving doesnt help either


The issue described in your post looks like you haven’t changed your constraint measurements when you move your part on the grid. Make sure to change this value appropriately to your need.


You already posted this and I gave you the correct answer.

It seems you’re getting on to me for the same thing you did. I do not want to use the corner everytime, I want it how it was…

But thanks

Build on a correct grid next time.

I dont know how to work that system I just need it to be how it originally was where it would sort of snap evenly together. Note - I noticed it doesnt even collide with the parts and it goes through them. They did that with their new studio upgrades apparently.

I see what it does, but do you know the old default settings? The new upgrades dont feel as user friendly like before. I dont know the exact studs I adjusted a few and they helped minorly

To me they had a good system before and there was no need to upgrade it It worked perfectly. I had always used the default settings except for dark mode.

Hi, whenever you hover over an part there is a small dot, make sure that, that small dot is in the corner closest to the edge you want to align it with, to get a better snapping result - before you start clicking/dragging the part.

The small dot is in fact a moving PivotPoint, and the part tries to rotate,move,align with that point in focus.

Okay how do I kill where the parts go inside each other? They used to collide.

This happens if you CTRL+T or CTRL+R the part in specific ways, aka transforming it, which causes it to move its position which can un-align it with your other parts even if you keep your constraint measurements the same. To fix this, you can just grab the object with the Select tool and drag it onto the other object, which should align them once again.