Part.Velocity.Y decrements and the block teleports to different positions of Y

I’m testing Heartbeat with some tests for what I want to do, I want these blocks to follow this NPC’s hand as I move.
But when the blocks start to move the speed of Part.Velocity.Y becomes negative and starts to decrease super fast


I could not find anything about the problem that happens to me

local Connection
Connection = RunServoce.Stepped:Connect(function(Step)
FrankTime = FolderStand:WaitForChild(“FrankTime”)
if FrankTime ~= nil then
CW1.CFrame = FrankTime.LeftHand.CFrame
CW2.CFrame = FrankTime.RightHand.CFrame
edit 3 times because it is the first time I ask and I was wrong several times

Make sure the parts you are using are welded to the player’s arms, otherwise they will be affected by gravity.

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I forgot gravity, I did not think that a block is affected by gravity, thanks.
edit: when it is used CFrame or Part.Position, thanks.