Party System With Teleport

Can anybody help me make a party system like Adopt Me! Families. Where you can send join request and the party leader can teleport the entire party to another game. Can anybody help? Thanks!

Maybe make a local script that fires an event with a ‘playerinvited’ argument and then make a script in starterplayerscripts that listens for the event and if ‘playerinvited’ equals the players name, make a UI pop up and when the button is clicked use teleportservice?

How would i teleport all of the players from a gui?

Play around with TeleportPartyAsync(), I guess if the player clicks the accept button they can be added the the ‘players’ argument, not tried it so you need to play around with it, the teleportservice wiki is linked above.

I think i would use RemoteEvent:FireServer(). I dont know how to make the invite.

You’d use the client to server to client concept, you’d let the player select a player to invite and then do RemoteEvent:FireServer(player) and then make a script in ServerScriptService FireClient as such: RemoteEvent:FireClient(player) and then you’d have a local script listening as such: RemoteEvent.OnClientEvent:Connect(functionnamehere). I suggest visiting the following links:
Good luck! c;

Basically what I want is like the game Dungeon Quest

You have to use all the resources available to make your own script. I cannot script for you, I’m afraid.