Party System/Reserve Server

Hello Robloxians, I am wondering how story games, tower defense games, etc make so you are teleported into your own server, are they just creating a ton of reserved servers? If you know how to go about doing this please inform me, thank you!

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You could make a datastore holding Available server codes and Occupied server codes and just add reserve codes as you need them.

If a server goes from Occupied to Unoccupied then just move it back to the Available store.

This may end up being a bad idea, but otherwise you’d just have server codes stacking up indefinitely since they don’t expire and you can’t close them (for some ingenious reason someone at Roblox thought of)

Maybe use the MemoryStorageService? Whenever the server is available you just put it in there, if it is occupied remove it.

this makes so there is a limited amount of server right?