Party teleports doesn't work in paid access games


After some extensive testing over an annoying issue I have had lately with the TeleportParty function returning an internal server error, I think I have finally found the issue.

What happens is that any time you use the TeleportPartyAsync function in a paid-access place it will instantly give you the following error:

The code teleports only me to another place which is part of the game. And the error happens every time the function is used and it doesn’t matter if it’s in the console or in a normal server script. It has most likely happened ever since the feature first opened for beta, which I reported back then thinking it was an error related to group games. But the function works like it should in both normal places and group places if they aren’t set to paid access.

It’s possible that other functions related to this are also broken in paid-access games, but I haven’t tested that yet. Really hope this can be fixed!

@nsgriff @oldmannt @ThorIsViking @Seranok


Thank you so much for your investigating, We can reproduce it now, we will fix it ASAP.


@Panwellz Are you still experiencing this issue? I’ve attempted to investigate this further using the repro case that @oldmannt mentioned in his post, but it seems we’re unable to encounter this now.

Any additional information you can provide would be helpful.



Nope, i’m not experiencing this any more. The bug fix after oldmannt’s post fixed it for me!