Party.exe Fangame (WIP)

I am working on Smile.exe (party.exe fangame.)
Link: (5) Smile.EXE - Roblox
Currently I have 2 endings, I will update it etc. (Charity Gamepass does nothing btw, just helps me profit for more motivation!)
This game will improve and I most likely will go back and improve things after all endings are complete etc. Send feedback! (Music by me, forgot to include this part!)

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Best if you change the name to “Donation” or “Support Me” or something like that, if it says charity people could maybe think it’s for an actual charity.

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Done! What do you think of it?
Link: Charity (Donation!) - Roblox

Its funny, I like it, maybe you can add music in this place too to make it not look like a desert, I also really liked the escaped ending, great jobb!!