Party.exe Fangame (WIP)

I am working on Smile.exe (party.exe fangame.)
Link: (5) Smile.EXE - Roblox
Currently I have 2 endings, I will update it etc. (Charity Gamepass does nothing btw, just helps me profit for more motivation!)
This game will improve and I most likely will go back and improve things after all endings are complete etc. Send feedback! (Music by me, forgot to include this part!)


:arrow_forward: Yes, I know this is a bit outdated and sorry if Im bumping the post, but some things need to be addressed about the game. :arrow_backward:

Here is a list of how I feel about the game.

The game has completely no music or sounds, which makes my engagement go down, the lack of endings in the game also creates this issue.

The endings are mediocre and don’t have anything really special to them, they need work as much as the sounds.

The endings aren’t even really interesting, and I think they both are just about the same way that Party.exe has them, except for they have less content.

I think you should add more content to your game, sounds and music, and up the game quality.

It’s not even scary or disturbing at all and didn’t make me feel anything compared to Party.exe where they’re being actually some parts that would build up something.

Make your game also more engaging and make more endings.

thats all