Passional Fashion Handbook

Welcome to Passional Fashion!

Create your own style. Let your style take you anywhere. Here, you will looking stylish in any game. Passional is the place to be that has been providing clothing since June of 2022. Passional Fashion is an upcoming clothing group on the Roblox platform. We allow clothing to be added to our dressing games and runways.


Table Of Contents:

Staff Rules

1, Must always wear uniform (Automatically dresses you when you walk in staff only areas)
2. Must follow Roblox TOS.
3. Be respectful to all guests
4. Do NOT abuse your admin
5. Do not fight with your workers

If any of theese actions are caught, automatic demotion.
(If this is seen please send it to our twitter)

Rank Information

Coming soon!

Job Information

All jobs are hosted in our twitter every month, dont miss it!

How to submit clothes

This has been moved to our twitter

Ally Information

Coming soon, but we take allies like cafes and homestores.



Hopefully this helped most of you, our twitter is in our social links (13+)
Have a passionate day!

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