Pastel Homestore

Hiya! hello, im Sabern and this week I was working hard in a small homestore, this is the first time that I share one of my creations here, I hope you like it! ^^

My Homestore:


The lighting varies in certain places which is nice, but I recommend trying to equalize the amount of lighting.

Try adding some additional details such as posters, wall art, and maybe even some plants!

Overall you’ve done a great job with bringing your Homestore to life. Great work!

Hello, thank you, your suggestion will be of great help

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Amazing building, but the lights are extremely bright, tone them down a little, and the font on the second picture saying “New clothing!” is a little bland, but that’s just my opinion, overall pretty awesome building, just work on brightness and maybe change the font on the “New clothing!” sign.

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Ah yes



Apart from the minor issues & errors, this looks really great! I love the design behind the interior making of the Homestore so far!

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Hi, as others have said you might want to adjust the lighting/neon effects in certain spots, but your build looks great! I really like the floor as well as the variety of display types. You’ve used a very attractive color scheme. Really cool!

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