Pastriez Bakery is looking for a Modeler [FOOD] [97,000+ MEMBERS]

Hello! My name is Duckzye and I’ve been on the ROBLOX platform for more than 7 years! Around a year ago I started Pastriez, a ROBLOX roleplay bakery.

What’s Pastriez?

Pastriez is one of the most successful ROBLOX business groups on the platform! Upon joining the group you can either play as a Pastriez Peep or take your endeavors further and become a Cashier or Chef!
Our current member count is 97,000 members!

Check us out!

Job Description

We’re currently looking for a food modeler that would be willing to model a large sum of items for us. We’re looking to change some food on our menu in the future and would like to start the process as soon as possible.

The job would consist of designing the food items, the ingredients for said food, and the extra items needed for it. EX: Cupcake: flour, etc: cupcake pan

- Proficient in designing models for business groups.
- Discord account for communication.

- Decent amount of communication.
- Decent time management.


Payment will be decided upon further communication with the chosen candidate. We really don’t know how much to price this job for. We have a lot of ROBUX invested into our group so payment is not a problem.

Contact Information

My preferred form of contact is discord. My discord is ducky#6224. Please send me a PM on DevForum, that includes your discord username and tag, if you have messaged me or added me.

Duckzye :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


How much food model you need?

If is much I cant accepted got like 10 Proyect to do.

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My guess is that ‘a large sum’ is more than 10 items.

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We don’t have a specific amount yet but it will be more than 10 items.

About the payment; is your budget at least below 10k R$ for such job? It is really important if you wont scam us.

I can assure you that our budget is above 10,000 robux.

Asking this question on behalf of other people, but what sort of styled models are you looking for? Should they be created in Blender or are users able to make them using CSG?

I’m interested, I added you on Discord to further discuss.

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I’m interested too, I will add you on Discord to discuss about the job.


I added you and hope you are still hiring.

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