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Pastriez Development Opportunity

Pastriez ™ is a group that is growing at an insane rate and is looking to expand the quality of our game. Currently we have a development opportunity open with our new V2 project and we’re searching for builders. We believe working for our community is a wonderful opportunity to expand a builder’s credentials and notoriety in the Roblox group industry.

Any Robux you earn while working with our team is 100% DevEx eligible and will be paid directly to you through the group.

What we want

We’re looking for hardworking, dedicated, and excited individuals who are looking to create something colorful and fun. Pastriez is looking to hire someone who is proficient in working alone or with a team. We work with talented users who have extensive experience with building and are willing to provide us with a portfolio of previous work.

How to apply

To apply, please dm me on Dev Forum or on Discord. My discord tag is ducky#6224.


You Should Put Payment: So They Can See It Better.


Payment isn’t an issue for us, we want to see their rates on their portfolios! <3


Alright sorry for that.


I sent you a friend request on discord!


Added, astrovibes, like last time, reply.


Sounds good. However, I would like some more details on how much I would actually be paid for my work before I send you a request on Discord!

I have a portfolio ready and should be good working within a team if work is divided up and everyone is of a similar skill level.


Even so, a base payment would definitely help to attract builders for this job.


This job is no longer available, thank you!

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