Pathfinding but with a part!

The title kinda already explains it, but I want to create a part that can calclate and move to a sertent point or object, but it needs to be just like path finding does anyone know how to do this?

Well add a humanoid to the part of your choice and then use the :MoveTo() function on the humanoid and then in the arguments put the position.

is there another way? maybe???

Why would you need another way?

I mean you could use tweening or lerping.

Pathfinding is tweening but except you can’t pick the animation for the thing and collisions are noticed which means in pathfinding the part will notice the wall but in tweening it won’t.

You could look into A* pathfinding (there’s loads of great videos on the topic), although implementing it from scratch is going to involve a lot of work and quite advanced programming knowledge. You could look for open-source modules that do it for you?

Alternatively, use Roblox’s pathfinding tools. They’re very powerful