Pathfinding not working

I’m creating variants of zombies, the one I’m creating is a mini-boss (Their model is scaled up) and they won’t move. I’m using the same pathfind script I use for regular zombies and none of the zombie is anchored. The walkspeed is 6.

I honestly have no idea why he won’t work. It’s worked before this (although I was using a different pathfinding script)

Video of 2 different zombies, both have the same scripts besides attacking

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Maybe the boss is too close to the floor? like, maybe he is getting stuck with it, try spawning it in the air?

Yeah like @OPDNFLS is saying.

This is a Humanoid.HipHeight problem, if you scale the model then the hip height won’t probably be scaled as well so the humanoid cannot move.

Yeah, you need to upscale the humanoid’s “HipHeight” property to the same ratio as the zombie’s height ratio.

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Shoot, I forgot to mark this as solved. The problem was something really dumb that I hadn’t noticed… Sorry about that.

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