Pathfinding service can't find path on stairs

I’m trying to use pathfinding service for an NPC enemy but for some reason it can’t seem to find a path to the target.

Right now the system works, however, if the agent is required to climb stairs to make it to the target, it just can’t compute the path. Even though when viewing the nav mesh in studio it clearly shows that the agent can traverse the stairs.

The target is on top of the structure (near where that pink bit is). If I remove the structure and just leave flat ground, the pathfinding works perfectly. As soon as I add the stairs back in, it can’t compute the path.

I’ve set the AgentCanJump property to true. The AgentRadius and AgentHeight are 2 and 5, respectively, in case that has anything to do with this.

Here is a snippet of my code. Like I said, it works fine until I add the stairs.

Pathfinder.Path = PFS:CreatePath({
    AgentRadius = 2;
    AgentHeight = 5;
    AgentCanJump = true;

-- ...

Pathfinder.Path:ComputeAsync(from, target)		
Pathfinder.Points = Pathfinder.Path:GetWaypoints()
print(Pathfinder.Points) -- prints an empty table
return Pathfinder.Points


I’m an idiot. There was a piece of the structure that was blocking the endpoint.

Please disregard.