[Pay what you like] low/mid poly builder for hire!

Hey, I’m PNG300 and I’ve been building for about a year on Roblox. I am mainly offering assets and small jobs, eg: Small maps, lobbies or buildings. I prefer doing mid poly builds but I can do low poly if needed. I am pretty advanced skill wise and have a good understanding of the software.

As of the payment, I am currently doing a pay what you like type thing as I mainly just want to build up a portfolio and improve building. Whether it be a large payment or small, it’s all up to you and what you think is deserved.

You can contact me on discord @PNG300#1839

Thanks for reading


Can I message you on the DevForum (here) ? I’d like to inquire about your building skills for a commission,

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Yeah, that’s fine. Send over a message.

some feedback next time, you should add some images of your previous work with preferable prices other than that good luck!

I would like to hire you, lets talk on discord Infrar#3439