Paying for a few small game assets to be built

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Hi. I’m working on a game by myself and I am very bad at model making.

You can see my progress so far here:

I’m just looking for you to build the assets that will be purchasable in the tycoon. It is great if you can do extra work in the future as I’ll add more models in due course but just want to get the game out there.
If you play the game you can see just how bad they are. I will need 6 levels for each asset, for example, adding another spire will suffice so it is not much extra work.

You should play the game to see if your build style suits what’s already in there, I don’t mind if you use meshes or parts.

I have no clue as to how long this will take but I assume it will be quick.


This payment is for the 6 versions of worker mounds, soldier mounds, and queen hill.
I will pay based on quality with a base payment of $10 via the Tether cryptocurrency or 500 Robux and a max of $20 Tether or 502 Robux. (group funds are low :frowning: )

If you are interested then pm me on this with your previous work.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Hi! I interested Here my Friend ID @Cheerio#9126 Or Devforum

I am interested. Discord: ProGamerResul5566#9513

Hey! I feel my like I can build the style you want and Im very interested in working this.

Discord: FingerToes#2196

Greetings! I am interested. This is my discord please DM me: Blacc#9878

Hey, i’m intrested, here’s my previous work

Hey there, I’m interested in composing for you

The Ancient One#2631

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