PeaceExt [Tech Test]


PeaceExt is a program that allows you to automatically open your code from Roblox Studio in an external IDE of your choice, such as Visual Studio Code or Notepad++. This is a heavy edit of rbx-extedit, programmed in Go.

As long as the .exe file for PeaceExt is running, you can easily open your code in your IDE by simply double-clicking your script (the same way you normally open it!). Once open, you can sync it back to Studio by saving it with Ctrl-S.


:warning: Notice

This is not a final product and is currently in the testing phase as an early concept and tech demo. This stage of development intends to find issues and polish the roadmap.

How to use it

For simplicity, I put together a very quick and very simple video demonstrating the setup process for PeaceExt.

What’s to come

This is an early access tech concept for the actual thing PeaceExt wants to be: a Rojo alternative. In the future, it will automatically generate project folders with default_project.json files that are cross-compatible with Rojo and Wally. These features aren’t here yet but expect them sometime in the future. Stay tuned and follow this post for more details in the future.

I will also be gathering feedback during this stage of development to make sure I stay on the correct course of development. All constructive ideas are taken into account! Please report issues as well.

Download early access files

You will need to download the Peace Ext executable and the Roblox plugin. Both run in the background.

Download the assets from the GitHub page.

If you have an edit you wanna propose, reply with updated source code (:

What are we saying to Roblox’s code editor?

  • Peace!

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You rock!

Keep the swag going! Are you working on a game with PeaceExt? Drop a link in the replies below and show others what they can achieve with this.

You can also fund this project by committing to my Patreon for just $1 a month.

Say Peace to Roblox’s editor, we’re going somewhere new today!


Update 1.0.1

Patch Notes

  • Removed Studio error saying “cannot close command line” (this was only a visual bug)
  • Renamed .exe file in build.bat
  • Hidden the command output window to run in the background


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so just by looking at the quick description, this allows us to open scripts in vscode from studio, then we close it and save it syncs up? if so then im going to get this right now


Yup yup! No need to close it, just press Ctrl-S in Visual Studio to save your code and sync it.

alright, didn’t know that was a shortcut. But what I mean is, when you close something in VSCode, you get a save prompt, so if I do that it should save as well?



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Nope, that’s because this uses Go’s temporary file feature.

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Alright, thanks for the info and providing this great resource. I thought rojo was so confusing, so I am glad I finally have something to easily sync code between editors.


No problem! As stated in the post, I do plan on making this more of a Rojo alternative by also giving it auto-generation and syncing to a project folder that is cross-compatible with Rojo and tools for it such as Wally.

To reduce friction, make sure to also have it open in the background during your computer startup, that way you can just hop in Studio!

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Interesting, just tested using the save prompt and it still worked and synced. Also, is it possible to have it open in a workspace? For some reason Roblox LSP only works with workspaces.

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Is it possible this can be uploaded to Roblox, so I don’t have to reinstall it every update?

Soon there will be workspaces, that’ll come around the time the project folder generation comes ^^

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Unfortunately not, given the nature of this functionality. That being said, this is not a final answer, so maybe once it’s in a more final stage, yes, I can (:

Version 1.0.2

  • Small adjustments to build batch
  • Changes to source code structure

From now on, all stuff is hosted on GitHub

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Finally, GitHub will allow for more collaboration and integration, I’m glad!

PS: As of right now the URLs don’t work

Can you show this? It might be a local issue, it works for me.

Oh gosh, disregard what I said. Turns out I made it private! It’s fixed.

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Can confirm that it works now.

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While interesting I’m not seeing any inherent benefits to using this on its own especially considering you will lose intellisense, and also in the future why would this be used over a much larger plugin like Rojo which already has a multitude of support and tools? At best I could see this being used to quickly open your IDE that is already running Rojo without alt tabbing but that still really isn’t that useful.

Honestly as fellow rojo enjoyer myself, I can definitely see use cases for a plugin like this. All it really comes down to is the fact that not every studio uses rojo for their projects as it adds another layer of complexity for not just hiring but also for the programmers themselves. I do get your point of saying it would probably not be as useful for someone who is seasoned with rojo but I believe that a plugin like this would really help newer developers get used to using other IDEs instead of using Roblox’s script editor.


The core issue with that argument is using this would offer no benefits over just using studio itself. Only negatives like no intellisense, if anything this would disuade new users from attempting to branch further to where it’s actually useful. If new users wish to learn to use other IDEs it should be with the tools that actually support them