PentorH's Building Portfolio [OPEN]

About Me

Hello there, my name is PentorH. I am a builder and I have been actively developing for over a year. Although I have had many ups and downs I believe I have progressed well as a aspiring developer. The type of games I usually work for relate to anime, but I am able to pull off a decent low poly style.



Old Low Poly

There are many other things i could pull off, i have things i am working on but i am not allowed to show them as of now.

Discord: Pentor#0001

Payment Wise, i can take both USD and Robux. I dont have a preference so it all depends on which would be more helpful for you. I usually dont take percentages.

As for the amount of payment, i will leave it to you to give a fair price.

I am able to do both commissions and work full time.

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I’m a lua scripter, and I also do builds! I do poly or fancy builds in ROBLOX STUDIO. I don’t know to use blender, so that’s what I do…

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