People copying my game help

So - Long story short, an enemy of me is trying to rebuild my game, piece by piece. It is challenging since we have 1-2 developers trying to DevEX from it, and this copy could take the revenue, players, and basically everything else.
How would I fight this?


Long story short; Nothing you can do about it mate, it’s called competition.

My advice; Build a better game than your rival.


I’ve had a similar situation where someone was copying my work. In my case,

  1. they somehow got the exact copy and utilized it under their own name
  2. replicated it via images

If you don’t want them to see your game, perhaps try making it public to friends and develop until its full release, so that they cant build while you’re building. Another way is just to have them on a banlist if you don’t want them using your content/works.