Perfect Shot // Semi-Showcase

"Focus on your blind spot!"

The “semi-showcase” is because already I used the scenario in another one, it contains only some old models that I made in the past :sweat_smile:

Make sure of checking some of my other creations later!


Hey @u_Cirrus! This looks very good! As for constructive criticism, I suggest adding a suspended bullet about to hit one of the artilleries/tanks.


Here are a few things I thought of:

  • Play around with the lighting. While it looks decent so far, it looks like it’s a little too dark to actually see detail on the tanks/nature.
  • DepthOfField would look nice.
  • Make the terrain past the tree line not so flat, it looks unrealistic.
  • Also not sure if you already have this done but, enable the ‘DoubleSided’ option on the tree MeshParts.
  • SunRays.

Other than that the game looks great, keep up the amazing work!

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Hi :raised_hand:
Thank’s for the feedback

  • Im still learning how to use lighting,depthOfField,etc :sweat_smile:
  • Ill make the line not so flat :+1:
  • There are double sided on some trees :+1:
  • There is already sunrays, :raised_hand:

Check out some more of my creations,you may like them :beers:

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