"Perform" in MicroProfiler taking up the most speed


I am trying to debug my game because there is a lot of lag in my game so i ran the microprofiler.
I got this result:

“Perform” takes up the most.
I ran a script to count the parts, meshes, and unions and got this result:
Parts: 2009
Meshes: 15
Unions: 14
Total: 2038

What could be the issue here?


Likely an issue with your graphics driver. I have this happen occasionally and going full-screen usually fixes it. My “Perform” also goes nuclear when I move Roblox to my 1440p monitor, even though I have a gtx 1080ti. Seems like a Roblox bug to me but difficult to get an engineer to reproduce.


Ah. Ok. My computer is pretty old so that probably is the issue.