Performance | Discrete Animation Previewer


Performance delivers a quick way to preview animations and KeyframeSequences. It provides precise playback controls and a diverse collection of tools to customize how animations are played.

Any rig from R6 to the most complex of characters can be used to preview an animation. You can view all angles of your rig and animation using the full-fledged orbital-camera controls built right into the viewport.

The feature-rich playback controls allow for intricate playhead adjustments and track playback modifications like the speed of the animation and playback looping settings.

Performance supplies multiple ways for you to preview an animation. You can select animations in your game, browse through the animations you own, or use the ID of an animation to preview it.

With KeyframeSequence support, you can use the resulting animation ID of the KeyframeSequence to play animations in a play-test. This eliminates the need to upload anything to Roblox for testing, a major time-saver and leap in organization.


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Thank you.


That’s some quality stuff, not gonna lie. I was expecting it to cost robux, W :+1:


INSANE Plugin. As an animator lead that will really speed up my workflow.

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Sheeesh. Now that is, one very clean plugin. Good job on it!

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Another amazing plugin from you. Can’t wait to see whats next :blush:

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A couple of changes have been made in the background to how Performance works.

Among others, this allows messages to be displayed in the output whenever a new update is available so you can get new content, updates, and bug fixes right when they release.

Thank you.

Quick update,

The update notifications feature is being rolled back. It felt a bit in the way, even with it being in the output. This feature may return in a future version, but I want to ensure it is 100% non-intrusive before it does.

Performance comes out of beta today. Thank you to everyone who tried it out! It is
:robux_light: 279 on the marketplace and you can get it at a reduced price on for $1.99.

How do you view R6 anims with it?
Also you should make it so animations aren’t looped on the character because it is hard to see short animations like punches

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Thanks for the suggestion! You can change rigs with the “Change” button (top-left of the window). If you don’t have an R6 rig in a project already, you can insert one with the Rig Builder widget under the Avatar tab.

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Awesome plugin! Simplifies my workflow by a lot, though some suggestions:

  • Visual feedback for whenever the animation is paused/playing (the buttons don’t change colors/image on hover & press)
  • Ability to slow down and speed up animations
  • Visually show which animation is being played out of the list of selections (like with the explorer highlighting equipped instances as blue)
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I’ll look into some kind of visible touch targets or indicator for the playback buttons. I figured the progress bar and time indicator clearly indicated if the animation was playing or not but if you have a use case where that is not the case I’d be happy to hear!

Playback speed was added in today’s update. (Just after your reply)

The animation object would likely be difficult to track considering every situation. I’ve thought about something similar though, which entailed displaying the name of the animation that’s playing.

Looks great! Very high quality, premium UI as well. Amazing work!

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Bit confused regarding what you mean by difficulty - what I had in mind was highlighting the animation you clicked from the list of animations in the plugin, to display which one you selected:

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Performance works in edit mode and in play-tests. I meant difficult by a possible situation where a user closes a place file and opens it at a later time. There would be no non-hacky way to identify the object they had selected once the game loads up. I hope this clears up any confusion you had!

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that’s understandable - if possible, the ability to highlight within the same session would still be useful, even in spite of the limitations when it comes to not saving across contexts.