Perlin Noise stuff that I've been messing with!

Heya, DevForum! Recently I took it upon myself to learn about Perlin Noise. After a few hours of learning and messing with the scripts I wrote I managed to make some pretty cool (and mind-boggling?) stuff, so I decided to show it off here!

Keep in mind that I haven’t fully come to grips with Perlin Noise quite yet.

Basic Stuff and Things

I started off with something like this…

Then I messed with some values and ended up with this!

Then I decided it’d be extremely hilarious if I gave each part a random colour and vertical size.

(Zoomed out with a pitch black sky)

Then finally, I turned it into something really cool!

After messing around with the basics and making some pretty darn cool stuff, I decided that it’d be cool to mess with terrain generation. Oh man, did this take me a while.

Terrain Generation

I started by testing out the first ever iteration of this… thing.

But then after that, I didn’t know where to go. So Google was my best friend for the next couple hours.
That led me to make something like this.

After configuring some things within the script some more, I ended up with terrain that looked like this.

I still need to get the hang of this some more, so I’ll probably go back in and mess with it some more. My goal is to make sand and maybe even water. Still have no clue on generating trees.